Easy steps to get involved with your community.

1. Look for Local Events

Keep an eye on newspaper and radio station announcements. Whether it’s a music and arts festival, a performance by your local dance troupe, or a special presentation such as an outdoor movie viewing, GO! Have fun and attend more.

2. Volunteer Your Time

There are tons of ways you can volunteer your time. For example, you might volunteer as a dog walker for your local animal shelter or volunteer to help at a local soup kitchen. Just think about what’s important to you, reach out to that organization, and ask!

3. Donate Your Resources

If you don’t have time to volunteer, then donate. Actually, donate anyway! Some donation ideas include donating:

  • Clothes and household goods to your local thrift shops or area Salvation Army or Goodwill.

  • Food to your city’s food bank.

  • Bed linens to your town’s city mission or homeless shelter.

  • Books to area libraries.

  • Food, cleaning supplies, and bedding to your local animal shelter.

4. Buy from local stores and farmers markets

Buy from local vendors. Local vendors normally have better quality products and are always unique. You can also skip the Big Box grocery stores and shop with locally owned grocers or at farmer markets.

5. Join a Class or Group

Join a hobby group that you are interested in and meet like minded people. Don’t be shy to make new friends, you never know what new friend you could make and what fun you could have with those friends.

My town also has ongoing groups for runners, bikers (of the pedaling variety), and other outdoor activities.

6. Support Your Local Sports Teams

You might not even be aware of how many sports teams surround you. Think about it. Does your town have a Little League? What about a Minor League? Think about high school and college sports teams – can you go support them? Remember: Players play because they love the game, but seeing fans in the stands can make a world of difference.

7. Organize Your Own Event

Maybe you don’t feel qualified (or have enough time) to organize something as involved as a music and arts festival or marathon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t team up with a few friends and organize a fun event! Think about special kids’ events at the library, car washes to raise money for your church, or putting together goodie baskets for hospitals and retirement homes.

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