10 Food hacks to save you time and money in the kitchen.

1. Grate Cold Butter

I haven’t tried this little trick just yet, but I love the idea! Your stick of butter has to be close to frozen for it to work, and you must work fast to keep it from melting, but the grated butter is perfect for adding to flour before baking biscuits, scones, muffins, etc.. It also makes the butter melt much faster, so if your butter is too cold to spread, consider grating it first and then topping toast, veggies, or a baked potato!

2. Scooping up a broken shell

It happens every time! I make eggs for breakfast just about every morning, and the brown organic eggs seem to break off into little pieces so much easier. Instead of fishing around with your finger to dig them out, use one of the egg shell halves to scoop it out!

3. Store ice cream in a bag

A plastic freezer bag keeps the cold air from making your ice cream rock hard. If you like straight spoons and soft ice cream, this trick is worth the extra step! Try to push out as much air out of the bag as you can before putting it in the freezer.

4. Keep your cutting board from sliding

Because sharp knives are not a good combination with a cutting board that slides all over the counter, use a wet paper towel or damp hand towel under your board to keep it in its place.

5. Keep lettuce fresh longer

Wondering how this works? The dry paper towel absorbs moisture from the lettuce, which is one of the main reasons why it wilts and turns soggy so fast. It’s also important to get the lettuce as dry as possible before storing in the first place.

6. Flossing food

Whether you want perfectly even layers of cake or to cut delicate cheese with ease, unscented dental floss can help you pull it off! Did you know there is a such thing as a cheese wire? It’s basically a knife made for crumbly soft cheese, but floss will ultimately give you the same results.

7. Parchment paper is a life saver

Just in case you were wondering, parchment paper is different than wax paper (I had to Google it because they seemed like the same thing to me). Apparently, parchment paper will hold up to the heat of the oven, while wax paper won’t. A lot of you probably already do this, but I’m not going to lie, I’ve always just made my brownies right in the pan and served them up in a nice crumbly blob, and I also enjoy spending time scrubbing out the pan afterwards, but don’t do what I do. Make your life easier and line your pans with parchment paper.

8. Coat cups with non-stick spray

When measuring sticky stuff like honey, molasses or peanut butter, spray your measuring cups with a non-stick spray (or make a quick coat with oil) so that it slides right out.

9. Make your honey like new again

Have you ever thrown out crystallized honey because you thought it couldn’t be saved? But it turns out the crystallization of honey is natural and not harmful. You can revive your little honey bear by placing it in a pot of hot water to warm it up.

10. Cook fish on lemons

Because fish sticks and falls apart so easily on a grill, this is the best way to cook it! Not only does the fish soak up the citrus flavor of the lemons, but it keeps your fish in one piece and makes clean up really easy..

Written by Kindred Delivery

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