What we do to support the community

We are dedicated to sourcing almost all of our ingredients from local businesses, especially small, family-owned farms. Organic when possible and all ethically sourced. All while being environmentally friendly. Your food does not have to travel thousands of miles to get to you, shrinking your carbon footprint. Our delivery service utilizes reusable bins and bags and compostable packaging. No cardboard boxes or wasteful plastic. All while keeping the community in mind. Buying from Kindred Delivery means feeding your neighbor. We partner with local nonprofit organizations to donate meals to those of our community in need. 

What We Offer

It’s time to simplify the kitchen experience. Gone is the hassle of planning your meals in advance and shopping the local farmers market. No more tedious chopping, mixing, or blending. Simply choose your meals from our curated recipes for the week and we do the rest, delivering pre-prepared local ingredients directly to your door. All you have to do is pop them in the oven or on the stovetop and follow the included instruction card. We also offer a local market grocery. Simply add any of the grocery items to your cart at any time and they will be delivered with your next subscription box. For each subscription, you will be helping to feed a local family in need.


How you can get involved

Knowing what to do and how to help out isn't always easy. We want to help provide you the resources so you can get out and help support your local community. There are always new opportunities everyday just waiting to happen! You can make a difference today and start your journey to helping your community and neighbors. 

Organic Compost

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